Flemish Banks Monitoring Network API

Through this API you can fetch the Data of the Flemish Banks Monitoring Network

Monitoring Network

The Monitoring Network is named after a group of irregular sandbanks in the western part of the Flemish coast that create serious problems for navigation in the area. The Flemish Banks Monitoring Network consists of a nautical Monitoring Network, weather forecasting centres on the shore and a computer network in Ostende.

The Monitoring Network is made up of measuring pillars and wave data buoys, fitted with hydro-meteo sensors. The central Data Centre gathers and processes information and exchanges operational data with international monitoring networks, research institutes, universities etc.

This API was built to share the data of the Monitoring Network in an automated way.

Which data are available?

This API uses the live data set.

The public subset of live data can be seen on www.meetnetvlaamsebanken.be

In V2 it is possible to go back in time as far as 1974 for some data.

Getting started

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